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about rape that cost him the election. what republicans are doing to prevent those gaffes. ñó5wó ñw?ÑçÑñÑw?ñçó]ç9wjyó dry, itchy winter skin? cortizone-10 has the strongest nonprescription itch medicine plus moisturizers to help heal skin fast. cortizone-10. feel the heal. >>> republican candidates are getting coschooled about how to run against women in the upcoming elections. the sessions are designed to prevent gaffes like the ones that plagued some republicans in 2012. former congressman todd akin, a prime example. remember this comment on abortion during his run for the u.s. senate? >> what about in the case of rape? should it be legal or not? >> well, you know, people always want to try to make that as one of those things, how do you slice this particularly tough sort of ethical question. it seems to me, first of all, from what i understand from doctors, that's rare. if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. let's assume maybe that didn't work or something. i think there should be punishment but the punishment ought t
channel. after an iranian was elected there was some acceleration leading up to the u.n. general assembly. you recall that he was engaging in what was termed charm offensive. he was going around talking to folks. and at that point, it made sense for us to see, all right, how serious are you potentially about having these conversations. they did not get highly substantive in first several meetings but were much more exploring how much room, in fact, did they have to get something done. and then as soon as they began to get more technical at that point they converged with the p5 plus 1 discussions. i will say this. the fact of his election, it's han said that there's no difference between him and ahmadinejad except that he's more charming. i think under states, the shift in politics that took place in this election, obviously he is part of the iranian establishment and i think we have to assume that his ideology is one that is hostile to the united states and to israel. but what he also represents is the desire on the part of the iranian people for a change of direction. and we should not u
elections. listen to how the president framed the debate over extending unemployment benefits during his speech. here's what the president had to say. >> christmastime is no time for congress to tell more than one million americans that they have lost their unemployment insurance, which is what will happen if congress does not act before they leave on their holiday vacation. >> so sort of painting republicans as ebenezer scrooge there, wolf. then the other thing you heard and you mentioned this as you were tossing it out to me, the president did offer again another stout defense of obama care. he said that republicans owe it to americans to say not just what they're against but what they're for, and on that front, wolf, we should also mention that i an source familiar with enrollment numbers did confirm to cnn within the last couple hours that they enrolled 29,000 people in the first two days since december 1st when the website was supposed to be working for the vast majority of people. 29,000 people. that's more than the number of people that enrolled in october. it's an indication the
, facilitating the first democratic elections and becoming first democratically elected president, first black president as well. you mentioned the 91 heads of state coming, truly is stunning when you look at not only barack obama, but a number of former presidents, george w. bush, jimmy carter and bill clinton as you mentioned. let's not forget the rest of the world is interested, prince kar charles on his way, the brazilian president and french president, u.n. secretary-general and more. as a way of facilitating this massive logistical challenge the government deployed some 11,000 troops to make sure as the interest builds it's on the fourth of the tenth day of mourning people are safe and there are no snags having so many vips here in the country. tomorrow's event, the tuesday memorial service which possibly could be attended by the u.s. president will be the first formal event, followed by nelson mandela's lying in-state at the union building in pretoria wednesday through friday. significant, john, because it was 20 years ago he was sworn in as president at that location. so a euphoric wee
in america who's worked harder for his re-election or supported this bill or went out of his way to explain the bill to the american people more than idi >> that's president wolf, on health reform, obama care, and what he said, you know, created a lot of controversy. >> yeah. he obviously does support the president. hillary clinton, as you and all of our viewers know is the overwhelming democti favorite president in2016ingor what does the former president say about his wife and 2016? >> he is saying he doesn't know if she's going to run or not. >> is mrs. clinton running for president? >> i don't know. and i think and she believes that the country should spend at least another year working very hard on the problems we have. we w haveery serious challenges in america. and we have responsibilities around the world. i think it's a big mistake, you know, this constanten four-year campaign is not good for america. we nee to deal with the business we have before us. >> wolf, i did ask him ask the former president what he thought of vice president biden as a possible president in 20716. he says he
to the election of 2014 with the controversy and difficulty over the rollout of the affordable care act and i cannot imagine they want to open themselves up to the you vulnerability to the potential shutdown. >> recently, we talked about and we heard our own dana bash in her reporting show that the gop is instructing one another on how to, you know, woo women voters and how to talk to women leaders, et cetera. at the same time, is there a feeling that democrats are taking women voters for granted? >>. >> well, you know, i look at this as sort of within the context of the broader reality that we face. house republicans have largely barricaded themselves into homogenously conservative districts and 80% of them are more white than the national average. they tend to be leaning very much to the right and that basically allows them to pursue a politics that allows them to keep the house and does nothing to deal with the broader challenges in the electorate that have prevented them from wing the popular vote in five of the last six elections. questions about insensitivity to women parallel the same
? this is no exception. his presence isn't needed. they are far more mute that it is an election year. >> how to run against women candidates. how to talk to women voters i know you talked about this on your show today. if they finally figured out that they can't win the white house without female voters? >> they have call ways known that. that the female voters, minority voters, there are problems across spectrum that they are trying to address. having said that, among married white women the gop always wins. they have something that tends to offend women and it blankets the republican are party. john boehner says they have people that don't know how to handle this. we did talk about this on the show this morning. i want you to hear the different views. >> they think the problem is about the rhetoric. it is not. republicans say they want to do better outreach to women while trying to push greater restrictions to women's access on health care. >> republicans don't have a problem working and talking with women we controeg l 30 of the governships and 26 state houses and senate chambers. we in fact now
. >> and the mayor went on to say that he looks forward to the election next october, that he has supporters and that he will continue to serve as mayor. now, carol, we want to tell everybody that the way this happened was that toronto police were targeting a rather large drug gang and so they got wiretaps to listen to the conversations and they suddenly hear the mayor's name. that's what we believe started all of this. and they hear about this video that exists and the mayor is saying that he'll pay some money so it's not released. here is the interesting thing. all of these interviews were in a somalian language and had to be translated to then have those transcripts released in english, which they were yesterday by a judge. >> the story is so strange, you don't even know what question to ask next. the most glaring question is why is this guy still in office? >> you know, everybody is saying why isn't he charged yet? i think we have the answer from these transcripts. it's one thing to have an alleged video of him smoking crack, but when you look at these transcripts, they were building a c
? this is what speaker boehner said last week. >> the american people work hard and they expect their elected representatives to do the same. today the house has passed nearly 150 bills in congress that united states senate has failed to act on. >> so that's a bit of the blame game. we looked at those 1 a bills and it turns out that nearly a third of them went after obama care which of course is a nonstarter with democrats and on the other hand, senate has passed some bills like immigration reform that have crawled to a halt in the house. now congress has passed some major legislation. things like the violence against women act. overall, what is going on here is divided government with sharply divided politics. it means all of these folks up here have one major accomplishment they share. this is the least productive congress in modern history. back to you. >> all right, lisa dejourdan. thank you. >>> coming up, the focus of our debate for you with the political panel. can lawmakers stop playing the blame game long enough to get a little bit of work done? panelists will break it down. >> and o
sat down with then cnn anchor bernie shaw just one day before he would be elected africa's president. >> everyone is curious about you. you have one cavity filling. you're 75 years old. your body has many muscles. your smile is earnest, but your eyes and your mind come the ages. who are you? >> well, this is a difficult question. i have not been able to answer it, but i am part and parcel of a team which has been part of the anti-apartheid movement of this country, and there are many men and women from different political affiliations who have contributed with this struggle. i am one of those. i would like to be remembered not as anybody unique or special, but as part of a great team of this country that has struggled for many years, for decades and centuries to bring about this day. >> when did you last cry and about what? >> pardon? >> when did you last cry and about what? >> well, i can't remember, but one of the things that has worried me is the fact that i do not have the chance to sit down with my children and grandchildren and be able to quiet them in the many difficulties tha
level. cornyn made that statement during a google hang out section. is he running for re-election. >>> while republicans attack obama care, the white house is about to go on the offensive, making a new push to tout the program's benefits as it tries to turn public opinion after two months of really bad publicity. cnn's senior white house correspondent brianna keilar is in washington to tell us how. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is a push that president obama is beginning today and is going to take place over the next few weeks. he will be trying to focus not on the website, which still has some issues, although it's doing better, but focus instead on his signature health care program. and then what we're going to see, starting tomorrow, is an emphasis each day on what the white house feels are some of the best selling points, consumer selling points for this program. tomorrow, for instance, is going to be preventive care. thursday, they will focus on pre-existing conditions that insurance companies now must cover folks for. still, of course, there are some p
to be supportive of him. i don't think you can find anybody in america who has worked harder for his re-election or supported this bill or went out of his way to explain the bill to the american people more than i did. >> he went on to say he's not playing politics and fully supports the affordable care act. but he agrees the website must be fixed for people to figure out what options are available to him. >>> let's head to the every glades national park. a sad story unfolding. dozens and dozens of whales are beaching themselves. it's not clear why they're doing this. this is dangerous behavior and they could possibly die. we'll have a live report for you on the other side of the break. we'll be right back. >>> the new york yankees making a huge gigantic splash in free agency. this time scoring jacoby from the boston red sox. >> you knew the yankees missing the playoffs for the second time in years wasn't going to set well with them. this time they're backing up the truck to jacoby elseberry. they signed him to a seven-year, $153 million contract. that's the fourth largest deal in yankees' histo
catholics vote and see how an election goes. they're seen as swing voters. again, i haven't seen numbers yet on their feelings on pope francis, but by most accounts, he's had quite a debut and quite a first few months in office. >> mr. berman, we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> great to see you. >> great to see you on "the lead" coming up at 4:00 p.m. eastern. meantime, the pope had a high-level meeting at the vatican today. pope francis meeting with isr l israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. according to officials, they discussed the political situation in the middle east, and the possibility of renewed talks between israelis and palestinians. an israeli official told cnn last month, the pope plans to visit israel in late may. >> and a u.s. war veteran dragged off this plane, held captive in north korea, now releases this chilling and suspicious confession to supposed war crimes. >> on this trip, i can understand that in u.s. and western countries, there is misleading information and propaganda about gprk. >> now the u.s. is stepping up efforts to get merril newman free, along
to be supportive of it. i don't think you can find anybody in america who worked harder for his re-election or support of this bill or went out of the way to explain the bill more than i did. there's no politics there. i didn't say anything until he talked. i'm trying to be supportive. i do think we have to get the website up and we have to work. is it confined to the website? that's the biggest problem because if the website is working and everybody can see what their options are, then in most states, most people will have a good option, which will be the same or less costly than the one they had before that will cover the same or more conditions. so, i think it will be all right. but, know there was no politics involved. >> when asked if hillary clinton will run for president because you know that is the question that bill clinton continues to get, his answer, three words, i don't know. but he did say, he likes joe biden and if biden is the democratic nominee, he would be glad to help him. >>> question, do you watch the hit tv show, "scandal" with the lovely, gorgeous kerry washington? it
. frankly, it was that refusal that led to his defeat and re-election. the judge, the person who prosecuted michael's case, a guy named ken anderson, became a judge in that county. he pled guilty to criminal contempt for hiding exculpatory everyday in michael's case. he did ten days in jail, he was disbarred. now we're having an audit conducted by the criminal defense lawyers to see if he had done this in other instances. so michael's case really is of enormous importance, and he himself is such an extraordinary individual, that i think there is no one in america, you know, white, black, or brown, that couldn't identify with the story of leaving for work first thing in the morning and then all of a sudden by the afternoon, you know, your wife's been beaten to death in front of your 3 1/2-year-old child. and you're convicted of that murder. it's just unreal dream, as the documentary so well puts it. >> which airs tomorrow night. more i get word on michael, you brought up ken anderson. i have to read the statement from his attorney. mr. anderson has not been and will never be prosecuted for a
bash on how. >> reporter: this is exactly what republicans want to avoid in the next election -- >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> reporter: that comment not only cost republican todd aiken a senate seat, it knocked all republicans off message. now, republicans are training house candidates to communicate better with women and steer clear of such gaffes. >> trying to get them to be more sensitive. >> reporter: cnn is told that gop media training sessions, first reported by politico, include tutorials on how to avoid foot-in-mouth responses when talking about sensitive topics like abortion and rape. remember this republican fate-sealing moment? >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> reporter: mitt romney lost female voters by 12%, the biggest gap in history. this sure didn't help. >> and brought us a whole binders full of women. >> reporter: part of the gop problem in congress? so few female gop lawmakers. out of 232 republican house members,
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